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Since 1848, OMEGA watches has set the standard for high-end luxury timepieces. Each one is elegantly designed using the finest Swiss engineering to ensure they provide a lifetime of timekeeping.

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Our collection of men's and women's OMEGA watches

Our collection of OMEGA watches highlights the rich history of the brand too. From NASA's exploration of space to the deepest depths of the oceans, there's a classic timepiece for every type of OMEGA customer. Discover the full range and select the right one for you.

Add another level of luxury to your watch collection with one of the fascinating OMEGA watches for men and women we have for sale. These timepieces will complement every outfit and allow you to express your style and personality.

Our collection of OMEGA watches includes timeless options from the following collections: Constellation, De Ville, Seamaster, and Speedmaster with each offering its own unique spin on luxury timekeeping.

We also have a collection of pre-owned OMEGA watches. These often come at discounted prices and can be rare items that you can no longer find for sale brand new.

Why buy an OMEGA watch from Chisholm Hunter?

With more than 160 years of experience in the luxury jewellery and watch industry, we understand what our customers demand from a watch merchant. That's why we source the finest men's and ladies' OMEGA watches for you to choose from.

We've also developed a handy size guide, so your watch fits perfectly from the second you get it. You can also speak to our experts in-store who will help you find the right watch fit for you.

OMEGA watches can be a big investment for any customer which is why we're pleased to offer Klarna payments to you. This allows you to spread your costs across several months in manageable amounts.

Chisholm Hunter is also proud to offer excellent aftercare services for your OMEGA watches. You can get them serviced or repaired with us at any point in the future. Our experts will do their best to keep your luxury timepiece in pristine condition at all times.

Need assistance choosing the right OMEGA watch?

Browse the full range of OMEGA watches for men and women today and find the right timepiece for you. We offer impeccable advice and assistance to our customers through our blog, making finding your perfect piece even simpler. Our in-store experts will be happy to show you our stunning collection too if you'd prefer to browse in-person.

Check out our FAQs if you have any questions about our services. Alternatively, you can contact us online or call us on 0333 210 1857.