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J12, PREMIÈRE, BOY·FRIEND... Discover the entire universe of CHANEL Watches. Pieces for men and women reflecting the creativity and expertise of the House.

Give time a unique allure with a CHANEL timepiece. Designed with the same creative boldness that characterised Gabrielle Channel, a CHANEL timepiece is instantly recognised for its timeless style.


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The J12 Watch

Stop for one second to discover the J12, an icon of CHANEL Watchmaking. The J12 watch is powered by the Calibre 12.1 or Calibre 12.2, self-winding movements produced by the Swiss Manufacture Kenissi, co-owned by CHANEL. Allure on the inside that shows on the outside.

Chanel J12 33mm Ladies WatchChanel J12 33mm Ladies Watch




In 1909, the luxury brand CHANEL was born. Embodying the refinement and grace of Gabrielle & CoCo Chanel, CHANEL watches are an opulent extension of the brand. Launched in 1987, the lifestyle brand takes it extreme pride in producing some of the world's greatest luxury watches. Designed for the modern day women, an authentic CHANEL watch is sure to transform your look with ease.

About CHANEL Watches

As can be seen throughout the entire CHANEL House, CoCo believed that "Simplicity is a keynote of true elegance". Launching in 1987, CHANEL watches is a newer brand to the art of watchmaking. Producing from the iconic workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, the lifestyle powerhouse has become symbol of lasting femininity and Swiss-engineering.

Today, an original CHANEL watch is a beacon for showcasing luxury and grandeur. With many of the timepieces featuring gem setting, a technique shown to the world through the release of the Rétrograde Mystérieuse watch.

Now, CHANEL has multiple collections including the signature Premiere collection. Let's go deeper into what makes a CHANEL timepiece a treasure to behold.

Discover Elegance with CHANEL

At the core of the brand, elegance and poise are significant. From the inner mechanics to the stunning face and bracelet design, everything about watches by CHANEL exude refinement and expert craftsmanship.

A true emblem of who CHANEL are, is the CHANEL PREMIER Ribbon. This simple timepiece makes a statement with a black rubber, velvet touch strap, and 18ct yellow gold case. With a traditional quartz movement, these watches remains timeless and precise.

For a bolder look the CHANEL J12 Calibre 12.1 is perfection. The signature black face and bracelet is completely by the gold indexes and handles. The large case brings a touch of masculinity to the watch that pairs effortlessly with the determination of the modern lady.

Designed for everyone to adorn, the CHANEL J12 Calibre 12.1 provides style and demands attention. This white timepiece is enhanced with black accents such as the indexes and hands. Crafted from the signature resistant ceramic, this timepiece is made to last and define.

While the brand began with a mission of bringing luxury to the modern woman, CHANEL watches are crafted for anyone looking appreciate the refinement and innovation of true luxury. From the J12 collection to the bold BOY.FRIEND collection, you can discover the true meaning of opulence with Chisholm Hunter.