Stores Offering Repairs & Servicing

If you are interested in utilising our trained expertise in servicing and repairs please head over to the Store Locator page to find your nearest workshop.

For The Journey

Watch Servicing & Repairs

We recommend that your watch is serviced up to 5 years for quartz watches and 2 years for mechanical and professional divers watches where waterproof seals require replacing. Chisholm Hunter offers an extensive Watch Repair Service for all watch brands so whether you require a new battery, change of strap or a full watch service our team of experts are here to ensure you receive the highest standard of service for your treasured timepiece.

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The Jewellery Workshop

With a heritage spanning more than 155 years our knowledge and passion for diamonds and all their intricate and beautiful faces is unrivalled. Our craftsmen have studied these precious stones over many years to extend this knowledge to our customers so they can share the same experience and joy that diamonds evoke.

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Bespoke Jewellery

Visit your nearest store where a Sales Professional will be pleased to discuss your requirements. We can now offer CAD computer designs from selected suppliers especially for wedding and engagement rings, if you find a ring in a magazine or abroad that you have always dreamed of bring the image to us and we will design a similar style (subject to copyright restrictions). Advice about this service is free and there is no obligation to buy. Once a design is agreed it usually takes eight weeks from consultation to delivery, however couples planning to have engagement rings or wedding rings designed are advised if possible to allow three months, before their special day.

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What are the services & repairs offered at Chisholm Hunter?

  • Watch Services & Repairs
  • Below are some of the services and repairs we offer:
  • Basic maintenance watch repairs replacement Pins, gaskets, hands and batons
  • Glass fitting
  • Bracelet link adjustments
  • Leather strap fitting
  • Crown, stem & pusher replacement
  • Replacement batteries & reseal
  • Movement exchanges
  • Full dismantling movement service of Quartz movements
  • Case and bracelet refurbishments.
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  • Jewellery Services & Repairs
  • Below are some of the services and repairs we offer:
  • Polishing/rhodium (to the highest standard)
  • Soldering (use of the microweld for chains, shanks, bracelets etc)
  • Ring sizings (both up, down and adding in all metals)
  • Platinum/palladium work
  • Pearl removal/reattaching
  • ½ and full shank replacement
  • Diamond replacement
  • Retipping/rebeading settings
  • Laser work (sizing, retipping etc.)
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Stores Offering Repairs & Servicing

If you are interested in utilising our trained expertise in servicing and repairs please head over to the Store Locator page to find your nearest workshop.

Image: Model wearing diamond ringImage: Model wearing diamond ring

Ring Size Guide

Here to help you find the perfect fit

Our comprehensive size guide will help you to determine your ring size. We're offering further help in our Q&A, and a printed size guide, for taking the ring measurement or yourself or a loved one.


Ring Size (UK)       Circumference (mm)

A                                         37.8

B                                         39.1

C                                         40.4

D                                         41.7

E                                         42.9

F                                         44.2

G                                        45.5

H                                        46.8

I                                        48.0

J                                        48.7

K                                        50.0

L                                        51.2

M                                        52.5

Ring Size (UK)       Circumference (mm)

N                                         53.8

O                                         55.1

P                                          56.3

Q                                         57.6

R                                          58.9

S                                          60.2

T                                          61.4

U                                         62.7

V                                         64.0

W                                        65.3

X                                         66.6

Y                                         67.8

Z                                         68.5



What if my ring is the wrong size?

A meeting with one of our highly qualified in-store staff members is the best way to ensure that a ring is the correct size. However, in the event that your ring is wrongly sized, our team members will be able to help you with repairs and adjustments. If in doubt: choose a ring that is larger, rather than smaller, as it is easier to make a ring smaller that to increase its size.

What if I'm planning a surprise proposal?

Here are a few tips for obtaining your partner's ring size without them knowing. Knowing your parenter's ring size will allow you to shop our extensive collection of quality diamond engagement rings, in a variety of cuts, at your convenience. Put simply: the easiest way to find your partner's ring size is to 'borrow' a ring that they already own. Be prepared to go down a size or two for the right fit—most engagement rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand, whereas many others are worn on the middle finger. Our highly qualified ring experts will be able to help you from there.

Are there other ways of getting the correct ring size?

Another option is to carefully draw around the inside of the ring on a piece of paper, for a more approximate size guide. You can then bring this piece of paper into the store, where Chisholm Hunter staff will be able to assist you in working out the accurate ring size. Friends and family are a great source of help if you're still struggling to find the right ring size. Take advantage of useful people who are likely to keep your secret if you're wanting the proposal to be a surprise!