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A diamond engagement ring is full of meaning and symbolism and is something to be treasured. This type of diamond ring is more than just a symbol of love, it is a sparkling and intimate representation of your personality and partnership. Whether you're looking for a sleek gold or white gold band diamond engagement ring with a solitaire set, or a show-stopping cluster of diamonds, you'll find something in our store to delight you. Choose your perfect engagement ring with Chisholm Hunter and ensure your forever starts today with one of our handpicked, dazzling diamond engagement rings.

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Browse the full engagement ring collection

The moment you get engaged is full of significance, emotion, and meaning. We know how important it is to you to choose the right ring, so we've got an extensive collection with styles that will suit all tastes.

Browse our men's and women's engagement rings today and you're bound to see something that'll catch your eye. Choose from platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and silver metals. Make your ring personal with a stone colour and cut of your choosing. Diamond is often the stone of choice for an engagement ring, but you'll find options such as sapphire and aquamarine in our range too.

Engagement ring styles

There are lots of lovely engagement ring styles in our collection. When choosing for your special someone, consider their personality and style. For a ring that dazzles and draws the eye, a round brilliant or baguette-style ring could work. For a ring with classic elegance, a solitaire ring with a simple band and one-stone design could be the perfect choice.

There are plenty of other beautiful stone cuts to choose from, including marquise, princess, oval and pear cuts.

Why buy an engagement ring from Chisholm Hunter?

We are a nationwide leader in jewellery and a specialist diamond merchant. As such we only procure diamonds of the finest quality. When it comes to diamonds, we are careful to ensure every piece in our collection is timeless.

Our managing director and gemologist Harry Brown has three decades of experience in the diamond industry, selecting the best diamonds from all around the world. So, we only offer you the best quality pieces, by accepting just 0.1% of the stones offered to us.

So that you can find an engagement ring in the correct fit, we've created a helpful ring size guide. It includes ideas to help you get sizing right, even if you're planning a surprise proposal. And if you do end up with a ring that's not the right size, you can always locate your nearest store and visit us to see if we can re-size it.

If you'd like to split the payments over time, you can even spread the cost using Klarna.

Need any help choosing?

We've got an opulent, varied range of engagement rings that's hard to beat. We know that it can be difficult narrowing down one favourite though, and you can spend many hours weighing up the options. If you need a hand, we're here to give advice. You can either visit us in-store or check out our blog for style advice.

Our FAQs are a great place to look if you have questions about our service. You can also contact us using our quick online form or give us a call on 0333 210 1857.