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Renowned for their innovative dive watches, DOXA holds over 130 years experience from around the world and across generations of divers and adventurers. Taking their name from the Greek word for ‘glory’, DOXA have built an outstanding reputation for the technical expertise and passionate design that is seen throughout each of their collections. DOXA set a standard in watchmaking; particularly in diving watches. In 1967, DOXA released the first purposeful professional-grade diver's watch made available to the general public. The unmistakable design introduced was soon established as the benchmark for professionals. The SUB 300 is iconic for being the first diving watch to have DOXA’s legendary orange dial. Since then, their signature bold colours remain prominent throughout their designs. The rich and innovative history of DOXA doesn’t stop there. In 1968, DOXA co-designed the first ever diving watch to feature a helium release valve, further solidifying their reputation as one of the most influential and forward-thinking watch brands to date.


DOXA SUB 300 Carbon Professional Automatic 42.5mm Men's Watch

Remaining true to its origins while cultivating an edgier, more technical feel, the SUB 300 in carbon takes the legend into the future, with a high-performance, advanced lightweight material. Featuring a pressure-resistant titanium case to protect the movement and a screw-down crown. It is rated to 300 metres, equivalent to approximately 980 feet. Precision, robustness, reliability - the SUB 300's automatic three-hand movement provides a 38-hour power reserve.

Doxa Sub 300 Carbon Men's WatchDoxa Sub 300 Carbon Men's Watch



Passionate divers equipped with their trusted DOXA dive watches venture deep into the caves to discover nature's hidden wonders. Join DOXA on this journey of exploration and adventure, and discover why DOXA watches are the perfect companion for those seeking to uncover the mysteries of the underwater world.


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