Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings | Discover Chisholm Hunter’s unique range of engagement rings. Image: White Gold Diamond Ring sitting on a Chisholm Hunter ring boxEngagement Rings | Discover Chisholm Hunter’s unique range of engagement rings. Image: White Gold Diamond Ring sitting on a Chisholm Hunter ring box

Engagement Rings

Discover Chisholm Hunter's unique range of engagement rings.

A diamond engagement ring is stunning on its own merit but shines even brighter with all the meaning that you put into it. Whether it’s a sleek and sophisticated gold or white gold band with a solitaire set or a show-stopping cluster of diamonds, a ring like this is more than just a symbol of love — it is a sparkling and intimate representation of your commitment and partnership.


Solitaire RingsSolitaire Rings

Solitaire Rings

The most popular of all engagement rings, a solitaire design will ensure you dazzle and delight your partner with a diamond that symbolises your love.

3 Stone Rings3 Stone Rings

Three-Stone Rings

Known to represent friendship, love and fidelity (amongst other things) these engagement rings are richly symbolic and beautiful.

Cluster RingsCluster Rings

Cluster Rings

With a ring of stones ‘haloing’ the centre, a cluster ring gives the illusion of one large diamond. Beautifully capturing light, the cluster ring is a popular choice.

All Engagement RingsAll Engagement Rings

Halo Rings

A centre stone in a cut of your choice surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. If you are looking for the ultimate sparkle, the halo setting is a perfect choice. 


Specialist Diamond Merchants


White Gold Engagement RingsWhite Gold Engagement Rings

White Gold

A stunning precious metal, white gold has the look of platinum without the expense. Hard-wearing and modern, white gold is a popular choice for engagement rings. 

Yellow Gold Engagement RingsYellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold

Known more simply as “gold”, a yellow gold engagement ring is a perfect vintage-styled ring. Perfect for those looking for a warmer finish,  the metal is seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Platinum Engagement RingsPlatinum Engagement Rings


Strength and durability combined with beauty, platinum is perfect for daily wear and will stand the test of time. Everlasting, a platinum engagement ring will be loved for generations.

Rose Gold Engagement RingsRose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings are considered as a contemporary alternative for the most feminine of wearers. As a less traditional colour, they are a real statement piece.


Round Brilliant Cut Engagement RingsRound Brilliant Cut Engagement Rings

Round Brilliant

Cut to deliver perfect sparkle and brilliance, a round brilliant diamond is a timeless classic that will create an eye-catching engagement ring that will be loved for years to come.

Princess Cut Engagement RingsPrincess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut

The princess cut is a hybrid gem shape that produces a keen sparkle. The straight-sided rectangle outline with a brilliant style facet is amongst the most popular today. 

Emerald Cut Engagement RingsEmerald Cut Engagement Rings

Emerald Cut

One of the more unique cuts, emerald cuts produce an effect resembling a hall of mirrors. The elongated form alongside linear facets and large table are highly desirable.

Oval Cut Engagement RingsOval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Cut

A lengthened round brilliant diamond cut, engagement rings in this style offer a unique shape that appears larger than their round counterparts and also elongate the wearer’s finger. 

Pear Cut Engagement RingsPear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear Cut

Also known as the teardrop diamond cut, this elegant diamond mimics a drop of water. Symbolic and flattering, the pear engagement ring is a lovely choice. 

Baguette Cut Engagement RingsBaguette Cut Engagement Rings

Baguette Cut

Named for its shape, the baguette-styled cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts. This style works well at elongating and thinning the wearer's hands and fingers.

Marquise Cut Engagement RingsMarquise Cut Engagement Rings

Marquise Cut

A long and narrow pointed shape, the strength of the marquise cut (outside its ability to dazzle and delight) is to elongate the wearer’s hands and fingers. 

Heart Cut Engagement RingsHeart Cut Engagement Rings

Heart Cut

The heart cut typically has a simplistic ring setting to highlight its unique shape. This shape is perfect for larger diamonds and nothing says love like a heart.

Engagement Ring Guidance

Get more information about our Engagement Rings by viewing our Ring Size Guide or visiting one of our stores.


Diamond Engagement RingsDiamond Engagement Rings


Synonymous with engagement and wedding rings, diamonds offer flawless brilliance in any band style. Traditional and timeless, diamonds are a popular choice.

Sapphire Engagement RingsSapphire Engagement Rings


The sapphire stone has been favoured by royalty. Famously taking centre-stage in Kate Middleton's and Princess Diana's rings.

Ruby Engagement RingsRuby Engagement Rings


A bold yet traditional choice for an engagement ring stone, rubies represent romance, wealth and success.

Emerald Engagement RingsEmerald Engagement Rings


Emerald engagement rings have been known to represent luck, love, peace and hope. These unique stones are a statement of individuality. 

Tanzanite Engagement RingsTanzanite Engagement Rings


Tanzanite has a striking blue/violet colour. Uniquely trichroic, tanzanite radiates three different colours; blue, violet and red.

Aquamarine Engagement RingsAquamarine Engagement Rings


Reflecting the rippling colours of the ocean, aquamarine is enriched with a symbolism reflecting purity and clarity.

Morganite Engagement RingsMorganite Engagement Rings


A variety of beryl, the morganite gemstone ranges from pale pink colours to coral. The stone is often associated with innocence, sweetness, romance and love.

Amethyst Engagement RingsAmethyst Engagement Rings


The purple variety of quartz, the amethyst, is a valuable and durable stone. A rich purple colour, amethyst makes for a unique engagement ring. 

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We're here to help. Get in touch with one of our friendly experts to ask any questions you have.

Chisholm Hunter is a Specialist Diamond merchant - we procure only the finest diamonds and work hard to make sure that your ring is of the absolute highest quality.

As a Gemologist, Managing Director Harry Brown has brought more than two decades of experience in the diamond industry with him to Chisholm Hunter, selecting the best diamonds from around the world — accepting only a mere 0.1% of the stones offered to us.

All Engagement RingsAll Engagement Rings

All Engagement Rings

Men's Engagement RingsMen's Engagement Rings

Men's Engagement Rings

Bespoke Engagement RingsBespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Create your very own unique ring with the help of our Bespoke Jewellery Service; creating unique jewellery that is A Cut Above since 1857.

Our engagement ring collection

Our carefully curated collection of engagement rings contains something for every wearer's taste. An engagement is a momentous occasion, so we understand that you'll be keen to pick the perfect engagement ring so we have one for everyone's taste.

We offer a striking range of diamond engagement rings for women and men. Browse our solitaire rings, three-stone rings and cluster rings and choose from a variety of metal types, cuts and stone types. Whether you're looking for something dazzling and intricate or a beacon of classy minimalism, you're sure to find it in our collection.

Styles and Cuts

The style and cut of the engagement ring that you choose will largely depend on the personal style of the wearer. For something that will dazzle and really draw the eye, a cluster ring could be the ideal choice while those after a timeless look might prefer our three-stone engagement rings. Symbolising the past, present and future, a tri-stone ring is ideal for those who love their ring to tell a story. You can also browse our solitaire engagement rings to find more traditional styles that epitomise elegance.

You can also shop according to the type of cut you want. We stock rings in a round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, oval cut, pear cut, baguette cut, marquise cut and heart cut. You'll be spoiled for choice and your options don't end there! Our collection of stylish engagement rings for men includes 5mm and 6mm bands set with brilliant cut diamonds and signet rings with or without a pattern.

Precious Metals

You can shop according to the kind of metal you'd like the band itself to be. Have a look at our white gold or platinum rings for something that looks modern and sleek or go yellow gold for a warmer tone. There is also the less traditional but very classy rose gold option.

Why buy your engagement ring from Chisholm Hunter?

Chisholm Hunter is a specialist diamond merchant. This means that we procure only the finest diamonds, and we have built our reputation on delivering rings of the highest quality.

Starting out as a Glasgow-based Victorian jeweller's shop in 1857, Chisholm Hunter has now grown to become a nationwide leader in jewellery. We are first and foremost a diamond merchant, and we use our expertise to ensure that every piece in our collection can last a lifetime.

As a gemologist, Managing Director Harry Brown has brought more than two decades of experience in the diamond industry with him to Chisholm Hunter, selecting the best diamonds from all over the world. We only offer you the best, so we accept only a mere 0.1% of the stones offered to us.

We've created a handy ring size guide to help you to ensure that your perfect engagement ring is just the right fit. This includes some helpful ideas for getting this right even if you're planning a surprise proposal. And if you do end up with a ring that's still not quite right, why not find your nearest store and see if we can make a slight alteration?

To make payments easier for you, we offer you the option of spreading out the cost of your purchase using Klarna.

Need any help choosing the right engagement ring?

We're very proud of the variety in our collection of stunning engagement rings. Of course, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one favourite, so we are on hand to help if you need some advice. Check out our blog for tips on engagement ring styles or pay us a visit in store.

For any other questions about our service, flick through our FAQs. You can also contact us using our handy online form or by calling us for free on 0333 210 1857.