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Pledge a vow of commitment with a promise ring from Chisholm Hunter. A symbolic piece of jewellery that is frequently offered as a sign of commitment, our promise rings can be found in a wide range of shapes and styles, but they often consist of a plain band with a single stone or a small group of stones. Crafted from a variety of precious metals, a promise ring's significance typically denotes commitment, faithfulness and dedication to an upcoming engagement or marriage.

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History of Promise rings

With the concept evolving over time and being adopted by various cultures and groups from all over the world, the history of promise rings for her and promise rings for men is somewhat uncertain; however, in general, a promise ring is a symbol of commitment, love and loyalty between two people who are not yet ready to become engaged or married.

What is the meaning behind Promise Rings?

The significance of promise rings might vary depending on the individuals involved and the nature of their relationship. A promise ring often represents a promise or commitment made between two people. Promise rings are frequently presented as a sign of their dedication to exclusivity, loyalty, or joint future goals. As a sign of their future engagement or marriage, some couples exchange promise rings as a pre-engagement ring.

In general, couple rings are meant to represent a meaningful promise or commitment between two people. Commitment rings serve as a tangible reminder of the pledge made between the parties involved.

What is the difference between a Promise Ring and an Engagement Ring?

Both promise rings and engagement rings are presented as tokens of a couple's commitment, but their functions and importance are different. Traditionally, an engagement ring is offered as a sign of a marriage proposal, indicating a serious intention to get married. It is often a more formal and meaningful gesture, frequently followed by a down-on-one knee marriage proposal and a dedication to a future as a married couple. Promise rings are often less costly than engagement rings, and the focal point of an engagement ring is frequently a diamond or gemstone.

A promise ring, on the other hand, is offered as a sign of a commitment to a relationship but does not always signify a marriage proposal. In many cases, it is often given in the early stages of a relationship, as a way to express commitment and intention without the formalities of an engagement. Whilst diamond promise rings are not common, presenting a precious metal style with a gemstone is much more conventional. Discover promise white gold rings and gold promise rings to silver promise rings or a rose gold promise ring, all at Chisholm Hunter today.

How to style a Promise Ring?

Promise rings for couples can be styled in a variety of ways but ultimately it depends on personal preference and the design of the ring. Here are are some ideas on how a promise ring can be styled:

  1. 1. Simply by itself - Wearing purity rings by themself on the left hand's ring finger is customarily connected to passion and devotion. A timeless and elegant look, this makes it possible for the promise ring to remain the main focus and acts as a continual reminder of your commitment.
  2. 2. Stacked - Another popular way to style a promise ring is to stack it with other rings on the same finger. This can add a unique and personalised touch to the ring.
  3. 3. Pair with matching jewellery - If the promise ring has a particular design or colour scheme, it can be paired with matching diamond jewellery such as earrings or a necklace to create a coordinated look.
  4. 4. Worn on a chain - This can be a great way to keep the ring close to the heart and serve as a constant reminder of the promise made.

Which finger should a promise ring be worn on?

A promise ring is typically worn on the left ring finger, which is also where engagement and wedding rings are typically worn. However, there are no strict rules and promise rings for women and men can be worn on any finger. Some people choose to wear a promise ring on a different finger because they like it that way or because of cultural traditions.

When to give a promise ring?

A promise ring for him or her can be presented at any moment in a relationship since it is a special and significant gesture that has no particular timing or event. Typically, promise rings are presented early on in a relationship as a sign of fidelity and a pledge to create a future together.

Why buy a promise ring from Chisholm Hunter?

There are many different his and hers promise rings available from Chisholm Hunter, including traditional and contemporary styles in a range of metals and jewels.

All of Chisholm Hunter's promise rings are crafted with attention to detail and the highest quality materials, ensuring that your ring will be durable and long-lasting. Additionally, our expert staff can provide advice and guidance on choosing the perfect matching promise rings, as well as information on ring sizing, materials, and care.

Need any help finding the perfect promise ring?

It can be a difficult decision choosing the perfect promise ring. Thankfully, our expert staff are here to help you! Check out our blog for style advice or pop into your local store if you’d like a bit of extra guidance on choosing a promise ring for your loved one.

If you have any questions regarding our services, our FAQs might help you find the answers. Don't forget, you can contact us using our quick online form or by calling us on 0333 210 1857.