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Established in 1834 when founder, Philipp WOLF I, began creating beautiful boxes to present his handcrafted silverware, WOLF is proud of their exquisite levels of craftsmanship which they have spent five generations perfecting. Dedicated to protecting your most meaningful treasures, this family business continues the tradition of making luxury boxes which fuse meticulously engineered technology with generations of handed-down expertise.


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WOLF Watch Winders

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WOLF Leather Goods

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WOLF Jewellery Cases


WOLF Palermo Single Watch Winder

Take your timepieces for a spin in this Wolf Palermo Watch Winder. The Palermo range take cues from its Italian namesake origins by the sea. Crafted from luxurious leather, only a WOLF watch winder counts the rotations and is a convent solution and best practice for your timepiece's health. Gold hardware accents add a touch of luxury. Size: 30.5cm length x 31.5cm width x 35.4cm height.

WOLF Palermo Single Watch WinderWOLF Palermo Single Watch Winder


WOLF British Racing Green Collection

The British Racing Green collection features WOLF's new exclusive return to start technology. Your watch will return to the position it started in when the cycles is completed. It also features WOLF's patented Turns Per Day technology to precisely count the number of rotations so your watch is wound perfectly, every time.

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If you already have the watch and the jewellery, the next item on your list should be a premium jewellery box or watch winder. Wolf are renowned for their luxury jewellery and watch cases. Safeguard the pieces most precious to you in something stylish and durable.