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A variety of timeless timepieces that have stood the test of time since their first introduction in the 1960s is the Breitling Top Time watch collection. With its classic design and flawless self-winding mechanical movement, the Breitling Top Time is the ideal combination of performance and style. This renowned vintage Breitling watch is the ideal companion for any admirer of contemporary luxury timepieces because of its timeless good looks and modern dependability.

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History of Breiting Top Time

As the 1960's continued to roar on and young people became more brazen with their style and choices, it was time for Breitling to get a little more colourful. Breitling Top Time watches are the sportier version of the Navitimer collection. Featuring bright colours and classic innovation, this collection stood to become the young person's watch.

The Top Time collection has become a retro calling card but offers some of the best features to come out of the Swiss-watchmakers arsenal. With the ability to select your choice of outer scale, you can create your very own bespoke piece.&

Breitling Top Time is for the people looking to remain in the know from trends to fitness to simply being the best.

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At Chisholm Hunter we have a bold range of Top Time watches to ensure you are always looking your best. Including the beloved Top Time B01 Deus 41mm Men's Watch. The luxurious feel of this watch starts at the leather strap and swiftly moves onto the contrasting sub-dials and stopwatch outer dial. The DUES logo on the back is the perfect finishing touch.

Next up is the daring Breitling Top Time B01 Chevrolet Corvette 41mm Men's Watch. Encased in the durable, stainless-steel case is a gorgeous cherry red face. Inside you'll find the classic Breitling 01 Calibre, keeping your Top Time watch running for up to 70 hours.

Looking for something a little more vintage-inspired? The Breitling Top Time B01 Triumph 41mm Men's Watch is a more subdued version but no less powerful. With an ice blue dial and striking black sub-dials, this Triumph watch demands attention in the purest form.

Breitling Top Time is a collection of timepieces inspired by the life and vibrancy of the 60's. Can you handle it? Discover Top Time now!