Breitling Classic AVI Watches

With the popularity of the Navitimer, Breitling understood that pilots require accuracy and the ability to time their movements to the second while working the control column. And so, the Breitling Co-Pilot was born and soon after the Classic AVI. Showcasing classic Swiss-engineering and unrivalled reliability, the Breitling Classic AVI collection is a worthy sister to the famous Navitimer collection.

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Features of Breitling Classic AVI

As a timepiece created to provide precision and style to the wrists of pilots everywhere, there are a few defining details that make the Classic AVI classic:

COSC-Certified: In order to be deemed as one of the most important wrist-worn instruments worn by pilots, each Classic AVI watch is COSC-Certified. A certificate that identifies the chronograph within the timepiece to be accurate and have outstanding performance.

Materials: While the innerworkings of a Breitling watch will have you staring in wonder, the outer materials ensure you can face any adventure head on. Crafted from strong, durable materials such as stainless steel and rose gold, you can take your Swiss-made watch from the sea to the mountains to the skies.

Readability: The Breitling Classic AVI was crafted for pilots on duty, meaning it had to be easily readable at a glance. The original Classic AVI watches were designed with either a third sub-dial or a craftier 15-minute relapsing disc. The numerals and bezel are also enlarged.

Action Awaits with the Classic AVI

One of the most popular AVI models is the Breitling Super Aviator B04 Chronograph GMT. With enlarged numerals, triple sub dials, and numerals decorating the bezel, you can keep track of time no matter your adventure.

The Breitling Classic AVI Chronograph P-51 Mustang is a nod to the first Co-Pilot released back in the 1950's. The stainless-steel case is matched perfectly with the black dial, contrasting again the beige indexes and handles. Powered by the automatic Breitling 23 Calibre, you gain up to 48 hours of power to join you on every venture.

With the Breitling Classic AVI collection, you discover more than simple timekeeping. Tradition meets innovation to bring you a range of watches that can used in times of excellence, whether in the boardroom or on top of a mountain. Browse Classic AVI for wrist-worn instruments like never before.