Tudor 1926 Watches

1926, the year that Hans Wilsdorf created the unforgettable luxury watch brand, TUDOR. TUDOR quickly rose to the top of the industry and now the TUDOR 1926 watch collection shows off their extensive history. Our vast selection of Tudor 1926 watches, which come in a range of designs, hues, and finishes, is ideal for individuals seeking a timeless timepiece that honours the brand's beginnings.

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Explore Vintage Excellence with TUDOR 1926 Watches

TUDOR 1926 is a collection inspired by the heritage watches of the past. Vintage TUDOR is classic, timeless, and exceptional. With simplicity and function at the forefront, each TUDOR 1926 watch honours the timepieces that paved the way.

The TUDOR 1926 Self-Winding Mens Watch is a vision of historical brilliance. With a large round dial, sleek silver case, and smooth brown leather strap, this 1926 watch is everything a gentleman's watch dreams of.

Bringing the 1920's to the 21st century, the TUDOR 1926 Men's Watch is versatile and dignified. With a simple steel bracelet and bezel, the black dial is bold and commanding. Perfect for the office. Powered by the Calibre T601 self-winding mechanical movement, this 1926 watch is both functional and stylish.

Ladies can feel exquisite with the TUDOR 1926 Ladies Watch. Featuring a textured, silver dial and gold hands, this watch effortlessly marries exceptional artisanry and historical mechanics that can be found nowhere else.

The TUDOR 1926 watch collection is a wonderful display of knowledge, experience, and passion from the TUDOR brand. There is a timepiece from our TUDOR 1926 watches that complements any outfit, whether you're seeking a dress watch for special nights out or one for everyday wear.

Explore our wide range of TUDOR men's and women's watches and discover something magical.