There can be few more evocative words in the English language than 'with this ring I thee wed'. A symbol of commitment since the Ancient Egyptians fashioned the first rings out of the rushes growing along the waters of the Nile, the wedding ring is an enduring sign of eternal love.

Traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, in the belief that the vein of the finger travelled directly from the heart, the wedding ring has long been treasured as a token of lasting devotion by cultures throughout the world.

The simplicity of a simple gold, white gold or platinum band appeals to many couples. Rings in palladium, known for its durability and bright white colour, are also very desirable.

Celtic inspired designs make a strong style statement for both bride and groom and rings with two colours of metal symbolise the meeting of two minds.

Jewelled bands are becoming increasingly sought after by the modern bride, keen to add a bit of extra sparkle to her finger. Chisholm Hunter has an extensive range of jewelled wedding bands in a diverse range of classic and contemporary settings from decorative coloured gemstones to floral Art Noveau diamond rings.

For something truly unique, opt for Chisholm Hunter's Bespoke Design Service. We can help design the perfect ring - whether transforming a piece of heirloom jewellery or a special band to complement an unusually shaped engagement ring.

For more information on choosing a wedding ring and the different settings available, visit our wedding band guide.